The Ultimate Classical Music Hub


Frequently Asked Questions



Why do I need to have 15GB of classical to be a member


As said in the welcome page: this hub is about sharing music. Each of its member must bring a contribution, this is logical. Now about the 15GB... we admit that it is a lot. We don't want to be elitist, but we do want to be the best network dedicated to classical music. This implies a serious quantity of music, so that everyone can find music matching to his tastes. If you don't have 15GB of classical music see our tutorial about "How to increase your share size".



I don't understand what is this labeling purpose in rule #1


Well sorted and labeled means:

CD folders should include the composer's name, the work's title, the performers and orchestras/ensembles.

Track name should include the track number, the detailed piece and its movement/name.

Checkout the Full guide to new users for further information.

We know that it can be a lot of hard work to label all your cds in share. But let's repeat: we ask this to our members to ensure a high standard of quality in the hub. Serious classical collectors need to know who recorded a work before downloading it. Some specialists don't even care about the work but only about the performers. We won't give a member status to peoples who don't want to share properly labeled music. Note that it is easier and preferable to do this when you rip the cd.



Why can't move/rename/open some files ?


This can happen when the path is too long. Windows path's length limit is set to 255 characters. As classical music CDs need long filenames because of the labeling, it is recommended to archiveit with the shortest path possible. This means that instead putting your cds in: C:\Documents and Settings\Administrator\My Documents\My Music\My CD rips\Classical Music\Baroque\... put them in C:\music or C:\Music\Classical. Therefore you will be able to put more information about your records.



I am afraid of the police, is there any risk for me to get caught with stolen music ?


Well of course, there is always a risk. But you must keep in mind this hub is not opened to the public. This means it is a private place, like your house. It implies that only invited people can enter the hub. Furthermore, unlike other networks like KaZaa, eMule or Bittorrent where anyone can connect, one needs to be registered to enter the hub. So don't worry, you are safe here.



What kind of people do I find in the hub ?


Well, we must admit that men in large majority. But we are from 17 to 80 years old, from all over the world, even if the majority of the users are about 25 years old, from Europe.