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classical music piano violin viola cello orchestra cd vinyl recording rip encoding mp3 lossless concerts live culture early baroque classical romantic post romantic modern avant-garde contemporary Since 2002, we have built a network that allow people to share music, especially classical music. We have now became the best network to share classical material. The goal of this network is to provide you a way of sharing music with other music lovers, beginners or specialists. As a result you will be able to discover new music styles, composers, works or performers. In exchange, you bring some new records from your own collection and share them with all the other users. This way, the more users we are, the more records we have. The best way we found to share music between us is to use a client program called DC++. Thanks to DC++ you can connect to our server (called a hub) meet the other users, discuss and trade files with them. The main difference between our hub and other peer to peer networks like KaZaa or eMule lays in the quantity of music first, but mostly in the quality. While you barely get high bit rates on other networks, we tend to promote best quality copies with alternate encoding methods like lossless compression. You must also keep in mind that the goal of the hub is not to steal music but to spread it. Many people actually buy much more records thanks to the hub because they discover new things and like owning commercial copies. Of course, some others see here a way of stopping spending money into records.